Lego Day


We have the privilege to partner with the Museum of Discovery on March 27th from 10 am-3 pm during their Lego Day event. The event allows students to participate in various lego activities to learn more hands-on about the fundamentals of project management in a fun and engaging way.

This event is free of charge to the PM4Y students and volunteers and is available for all ages.

Currently, there are 35 PM4Y students who will attend the event but this number is steadily growing!

Lunch will be provided for all volunteers.

On March 13th from 3 pm-5 pm, the Museum of Discovery has offered to host a free Lego Day Buffet experience for a set amount of PMICAC members so that we can get a better understanding of exactly how this event will benefit the students and what they will have access to during the actual event.

Please contact: Brittany Young, [email protected] for any questions

Apply now, Opportunity #27467 on the PMI Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS) site