Public Announcements

COVID-19 update for PMICAC

Mar. 24, 2020

Greetings Central Arkansas Chapter,

With the continued changes in our work and life processes based on the recent COVID-19 pandemic, companies are turning to virtual solutions wherever possible to temporarily avoid group settings.

Here at PMICAC, we are also working to determine the best networking solutions to meet the needs of the chapter, while also following current prevention guidelines.

Our leadership team is discussing upcoming meetings and the possibility to hold those virtually.  We are targeting monthly chapter meetings, but we are also discussing the fall PDD since most of the planning for that event is happening now.

How you can help: Our Professional Development team will be sending a survey to the chapter with questions about the PDD seeking member plans to attend whether in person or virtual.  Those answers will help us develop a plan.

Please make it a priority to complete the survey so we can have maximum responses for decision making.

Lastly, in this time of uncertainty, I want you all to know you are in my thoughts and prayers.  Please be safe and cautious so we can see you again as soon as it's possible.


Jackie Jung, MS, PMP
President, PMI Central Arkansas Chapter
Little Rock, AR