Workshop Leader Joe Perzel presents…

The Dark Arts of Project Management

A successful project journey is not linear, clean, forecastable, or easy. Your interest is to deliver the project on time and on budget, with a smile on everyone’s face – but there may be conflicting interests among the players involved.

Armed with your systems development life cycle (SDLC) and the innocence that always comes at the start of a project, you kick off your plan with confidence. Then that plan you have worked so hard to perfect shows a flaw, falls behind schedule or budget, and/or is amended or thrown out altogether. How can you minimize these occurrences and provide the best chance of surviving the project with sanity?

While it takes less than 8 hours to learn how to use a tool to manage a project, it takes a lifetime to learn the art of successfully running a project. This workshop will feature the soft side of project/program/portfolio management, having fun with the topic and using audience participation to share our collective intelligence.

The workshop will cover:

  • The Top 10 Keys to Success, including Communicate, Communicate, Communicate; Managing Change and Expectations; and Pace, Perfection and Price
  • How to become a “Master Magician” by winning at politics, controlling outcomes through influence, communicating and motivating, and marketing your project
  • Common love/hate organizational pitfalls to evaluating project managers and PMOs, and how to proactively shine a positive light on yourself and your department and manage relationships within your organization
  • How to understand various audiences and people types and how to adapt your communication style to work effectively with each type
  • How to on-board your sponsor, the features of a good sponsor, and what to do if they are unengaged, uncomfortable in their role, or at the wrong level of the organization
  • How to manage innovation in the project management world, including making the case for innovation, the skills required for success, the spheres of influence, and common roadblocks


About Joe

Joe PrezelJoe Perzel has been leading projects and managing staff since 1982 in both a corporate and vendor capacity. He has a background in multiple industries including healthcare, insurance, finance, government, non-profit, K12 and higher education, audit and compliance, manufacturing and agri-business. Presently, Joe is Partner at JPerzel Inc. as well as Program Manager at Surescripts LLC. He has also held leadership positions at Thomson Reuters, Minnesota Workers Compensation Insurers Agency, Cargill, and International Multifoods.

Joe has been presenting since 2002 on topics ranging from project management, leadership, strategy, career management, and entrepreneurship. Most recently he has presented at PMI-Minnesota, PMI International, PMI Atlanta, Minnesota State Symposium, St. Cloud State University, the University of St. Thomas, and was the keynote at the Rochester CTC Leadership conference in March 2017. Joe’s leadership and project management presentations and workshops are based on best practices enhanced with his own unique experiences. He promotes a leadership model with an eye toward team inclusion, acknowledging that successful project/program management doesn’t start or end with meeting a budget, but rather the balance of stakeholder, client, and staff communication and expectations are critical to a positive project outcome.

You may remember Joe from our June 2017 monthly meeting where he provided instruction on Surefire Scheduling to Ensure Schedule Performance.

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