Professional Development Activities

The Central Arkansas Chapter professional development program aims to help Members keep their certification current by organizing one annual event worth at least 7 PDUs. Additionally, advanced project management practitioners are encouraged to participate in our student outreach/mentoring program, facilitated by the Director of Student Outreach.

For those studying for the PMP certification exam, an annual PMP exam prep program is facilitated by the Director of Education. Advanced project management practitioners are encouraged to serve as volunteers in support of the exam prep program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are speakers selected for the annual professional development day?

Professional development day is designed to provide at least 7 PDUs from all three sides of the PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management, Leadership, and Strategic and Business Management. We select speakers whose content covers aspects of the Talent Triangle; some years this means we enlist multiple speakers to ensure all sides of the triangle are covered.

Additionally, we select speakers whose content specifically aligns with the professional development interests of our Members. We identify those Member interests through annual post-event professional development day surveys and conversations.

How can I participate as a volunteer in the annual professional development day?

Planning volunteers – an approximate 6- to 9-month commitment: Small teams of volunteers work with the Director of Professional Development and VP of Professional Development to plan the event, including selecting the speaker(s), the catering menu, and giveaway items; determining the agenda and transitioning activities; making purchases and planning logistics.

Day-of-event volunteers: Short-term volunteers are utilized for event setup and cleanup, as greeters, at check-in, and general logistics help. No planning responsibilities.

How can I provide feedback about a Chapter meeting or the annual professional development day?

Chapter Meetings: We welcome your feedback. Please register to attend the meeting. After the meeting you will receive an email soliciting your feedback.

Professional Development Day: We aim for 100% feedback on professional development day. In fact, your thoughts and insights are critical to the Chapter’s decision-making process. Surveys are issued to everyone who attends professional development day. Surveys may be distributed via hardcopy at the event or via email, or possibly by another means. We occasionally experiment to determine whether more people will respond to the survey if distributed this way versus that. If you attend professional development day, please take the time to provide your feedback. We need to hear from you.

How is survey feedback used to shape the annual professional development day?

The post-event professional development day survey is designed to collect information about what types of professional development content Members want to learn. This is the most important information we gain from the survey. It informs the program for the following year, including which speakers we select. Additionally, we typically use the survey to understand which PMI certifications are of immediate interest to Members. For instance, we may gain insights into how many people are currently studying for the PMP exam, or how many people are actively considering pursuit of the Agile certification. By understanding what Members are interested in learning, we can understand what Members need from the Chapter and subsequently plan accordingly.

Beyond this information, the survey also provides opportunity to give feedback about the speaker(s), catering, and event logistics. This feedback helps us understand what we did well and should repeat versus where we need to improve.